Reveal Your Hidden Instrument

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—  Sing  —

Are you a musician? Are you a singer? OR are you a musician and a singer? You can be!!

Has anyone told you that you need to work on your singing?
Worse, has anyone told you that you can’t (or shouldn’t) sing?!?

Has your voice left you feeling less than or inadequate on stage?

Have you turned down a gig because it might require you to feature your singing?

Have you “run out of voice” in the middle of a gig?

Maybe it’s time for you to explore your voice and reveal your “hidden” instrument.


We’ll work together to figure out your vocal goals and find a plan of action. Your voice and your goals are most important. You will be challenged with honesty and support. You will be encouraged and given the tools to succeed. You will find that your voice can be everything you want it to be.

Trust your vocal sound.

Play with communication.

Sing to your maximum potential.

Reveal Your Hidden Instrument.

Yes, serious work happens with singing coach Rachel at Velarde Voice, Scottsdale, AZ

Initial fit session:

Before we commit to work together, we need to know that we’re on the same page. Contact Rachel to schedule an initial 30-minute session so that we can discuss your vocal goals and establish common expectations for our time together. When you sign up for lessons at Velarde Voice, you make a significant investment in your voice and you deserve to know up front that we will be able to work together as a team to meet your vocal goals. The initial session fee is $85 and an invoice will be sent to your email, payable upon receipt, immediately after the session time is agreed upon. This payment is required in order to fully reserve your appointment time. If payment is not received within 24-hours of making the appointment, the session will be cancelled.

Regular tuition:

Each 3-month subscription entitles you to nine 50-minute sessions, printing/copying services, consistent updates to available studio technology, outside session time spent on research, and continuing education that I pursue so I can continue to learn new, awesome, exciting and wonderful things that I pass on DIRECTLY to you.


Train voice technique in music you want to sing:

  • Access the free and uninhibited voice

  • Balance the voice from top to bottom

  • Increase efficiency for improved vocal health

  • Explore the relationship between voice and breath

  • Intensify your vocal flexibility & agility

  • Develop your “head register”/float and incorporate lower registers

  • Build the bridge of the voice; connect the full range

  • Strengthen the lower register to ground the upper register

  • Increase coordination in the upper register

  • Add purposeful use of creak/pop and other vocal “noise”

  • Discover exercises designed specifically to open a new vocabulary and facet of your training and sound ~ build on your years of performing with new ideas and reframing of concepts

  • Experience new sounds in new ways! (JUST HAVE A GREAT TIME!)


We promise to:

  • Treat everyone with care and respect while presenting challenges for individual growth

  • Create an environment where risk-taking is admired

  • Give clear instruction on how to improve your sound

  • Invite and inspire you to take ownership in your singing

  • Make singing fun

  • Continue to learn and bring exciting new ideas into the studio

Singers agree to:

  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Consistent practicing gives your body the repetition it needs to learn new skills

  • Take care of your health and wellness! YOU are your instrument!

  • Schedule and attend all sessions in a timely manner

  • Bring music/notation and SDHC card to each lesson

  • Celebrate the bumpy process of creativity and learning

  • Be good citizens of the world, treating other singers, teachers, artists and humans with respect and kindness