Reveal Your Hidden Instrument

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—  Believe  —


Here’s a radical statement:

Everyone can sing.


Are you a musician who has doubts about their voice?

Do you trust what’s going to come out of your mouth?

Do you know that your voice will stay strong and able through a long (or short!) gig?

What about your pitch? Are you in tune the way you want to be?

Can you access the sounds you want when you want them?


At Velarde Voice you will learn how your voice, that hidden instrument, works. You’ll find new ways to use tools you already have. You’ll learn new ways to play with your vocal sounds.

Use the mic to help achieve your best tone with maximum efficiency with singing coach Rachel at Velarde Voice, Scottsdale, AZ

You absolutely can learn to direct the voice that lives inside your body with intent, efficiency and dependability for maximum effect and communication.

You will be challenged with honesty and support. You will be encouraged and given the tools to succeed. You will find a coach as dedicated to helping you reach your vocal goals as you are dedicated to your music.


Trust your vocal sound.

Play with communication.

Sing to your maximum potential.

Reveal Your Hidden Instrument.